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Juiced! An exciting and challenging platform adventure game!

Treasure hunter Tiko sets out to retrieve an ancient powerful relic. When he crosses paths with an evil galactic emperor Tiko's quest becomes a lot harder than he'd hoped for...

Run, jump and fly your way through 12 different themed worlds, with over 50 different enemies and more than 20 unique weapons and powerups. A classic platform game that brings back the fun and nostalgia of the DOS era!

Juiced will be regularly updated with new levels!

- Reach the end of the level alive and defeat the boss.
- Collecting fruit fills up your juice gauge. A full gauge will grant you juiced mode.
- Collecting coins allows you to buy powerups and weapons at juice vending machines.

Optional goals:
- Find three diamonds and enter the bonus stage
- Find the star for extra points
- Defeat all enemies
- Collect all fruit
- Collect all coins
- Finish all gameplay modes: 'Normal', 'Time Trial' and 'YOLO'
- Unlock all Hats and Masks

Latest update v1.90 (09-10-2019):

-Added cutscene + surfing sequence after lvl 12 boss
-Changed resolution from 4:3 to 16:9 (320x180) to better support modern screens, several rooms had to be optimised 
-Added seagulls to level 12 (hit them for coins)
-Improved animation and handling for guns and diagonal shooting
-Removed "GFX" options button, default setting is now high (and should be fine for all supported devices)
-Reduced lag on Android during the game
-Some small changes to level 7 & 8 to improve game pacing
-Tutorial level updated
-[Bug fix] Level 9 boss getting stuck in ground
-[Bug fix] Tiko could get stuck in ground when pausing game
-[Bug fix] Penguins in Menu room kept respawning
-[Bug fix] Empty save game slot drawing issue
-[Bug fix] Pause menu background was partially transparent
-[Bug fix] Using the elevator switched off invincibility powerup
-Lots of small bug fixes and tweaks


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